Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what say you?


sorry about the last update (123). i've deleted the entry but it still appears in your blog list. it's actually my 1st attempt updating from hp and it turned out really bad hence i have no choice other than to delete it. heee ;p i've no intention to trick you guys to come over here. ^_^

okay let's go straight to the point. have you ever encounter office politic? i believe in any organization either small or big, this kind of politic exist . its something like unavoidable nowadays kan? i really don't into it. politic is not my cup of tea but somehow i've to deal with it now. it's inevitable. i hate it. it seems that i have to play along but i won't. i'll try to resist as long as i can. this kind of people really don't mind about others. to them their career is much more important. self-centered huh? well this is how you have to act in order to get promotion faster than others. lame. blergh!!

what say you?

nota kaki : biar susah-susah dahulu, senang-senang kemudian. heee ;))

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