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in my previous blog the most popular entry is about TTYM. i can say that every single day there will be new visitors from all around the world hit my blog. my visitors quite many back then =D well if you (new reader) curious what is TTYM, lemme blog about it once again. ( i copy this from my back-up blog). so today entry gonna be like repeated entry to those who has followed my previous blog. ;))

I was watching Paris Hilton’s my new BFF (best friends forever) show a few days back. Well I am not Paris’s fan but just for curiosity’s sake i decided to watch it, to know what was it’s all about and how it goes. Well the show is quite similar like other reality shows. At the end of the show they will have to eliminate one contestant. But I find the show is fun to watch, to see those contestants trying so hard to win Paris’s heart but only those who play the game to perfection will be Paris’ new BFF!
Just my 2cents.. what’s wrong with people nowadays? I don’t think its necessary to make the whole process of looking new friend into a show. It’s just not real.. but this is Paris Hilton–Paris Hilton always gets what she wants. Enough said.
Okay now back to the show. Every time when Paris decides who has got to go, i overheard her say TTYM and i was like – what was that? So I decided to google it and here is the best answer that I’ve found.
“TTYM means Talk to you Manana (Manana is pronounced as Manyana). For a brief explanation of this, there is a popular term called “Manana habit” which is synonymous with Procrastination. So to put things short, TTYM actually means “Talk To You Later”.

there you go. so TTYM =D

nota kaki : sebenarnya takde idea nak  update. HAHA. sengal betul aku. 

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