Sunday, October 10, 2010

Magika is so enjoyable!


Finally i got the chance to watch this movie. Went to the cinema with bestie, ayu + fad. I left the cinema fully satisfied. The acting was impressive, the storyline was interesting and the cinematography deserves applause. My fave part was when the penunggu tasik Chini guarded the lake. M. Nasir's appearance was only 5 minutes tops but for me, he stole the show. I was pleasantly surprised that Diana Danielle could act and even sing! So did Mawi. He's better compared to when he did Jin Notti. I guess it all depends on the director to make a movie looks good or bad. Bravo!

MAGIKA, a movie worth to watch. love the songs, characters, and nice places too. Definitely an A and Two Thumbs Up!! Highly recommended to watch!

nota kaki : tanpa ada adegan peluk tangan antara lelaki dan perempuan pun filem ni tetap best! even antara hero dan heroin lansung takde pegang tangan! siapa kata berlakon kena peluk & pegang tangan kan?  ;))

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efa fairuz said...

yup, sometimes org kita terlalu sceptical kan..bila cite jiwang je kena peluk cium segala.. tak perlu kan.. hehe

n a d e a said...

kan kan kan ? skeptical sgt la org kita ni.. heee ;p

c l i c k


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