Sunday, September 19, 2010

Living with the Enemy


this is my first english movie after a longggg break (I didn't watch any english movie during ramadhan). watched it this evening. not bad. call me outdated since this is 2005's movie. hee ;p just wanna say that maybe it just a coincidence since this movie is about death of a billionaire's wife... sebab sekarang tengah panas kisah pembunuhan kejam sosilawati kan. it caught my attention. when it inolves BIG amount of money, your life will never be the same. and yes you could be a target! Kaya sangat pun susah, miskin pun susah. jadi bersederhanalah kita... ^_^

 "Living with the Enemy" this film features Sarah Lancaster as a harried assistant who is swept off her feet by a techie billionaire. While adjusting to her new life - being the wife of a billionaire can be a tad stifling with the cars and bodyguards - the young bride discovers some nasty history behind her hubby's success. While some of the many twists and turns seemed a bit too convenient, there were enough of them that weren't too obvious so that I was entertained throughout. Overall, the movie makes for a nice evening. It kept me guessing - and staying tuned after each commercial break! I gave 3.5 stars!

nota kaki : Sarah Lancaster is HOT! so do Mark Humphrey ! ;))

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