Tuesday, September 7, 2010

chat box


tomorrow gonna be last day before me on leave! harap-harap esok takde keje. sebab hari ni tadi agak kelam kabut dari pagi. semua last minit since boss dah start cuti esok. hihi ;) esok confirm office lengang. yay! jadi kami boleh lari-lari dalam office. HAHA. okey back to the main point. actually i've decided not to put a chat box in my blog anymore. all because in my previous blog there are a lot of spams in my chat box! i don't know why and how it happen. furthermore am not a chatting person. eh ye ke? hee ;) whatever~ so after this no more gossips in the chat box! if anything just drop a comment okay. kalau ada yang baca la blog aku ni. agak suram sikit blog ni. takpe privacy sikit, so i can update anything! okay till then~

nota kaki : baju raya kat tailor tak siap lagi.... adoiiii ;((

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