Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1 tahun yang penuh makna


Walaupun agak occupied dengan kerja + preparation for tomorrow tapi aku curi masa sikit update sempena setahun aku bekerja di sini. Yes. It has been a year ! woot woot .  ;)) Can't believe myself.. Alhamdulillah... Well will it be another more years to come? I don't know. Its all depends on my performance tomorrow. I believe if Allah permits, then I'll stay. Otherwise just look for other opportunity. ;))

1 year here taught me so many things. The more I learn , yet more I don't know. The job scope is wide.  And yes the salary is more than what I used to get but it comes with a great  responsibility for sure because I serve for a country not organization. I met different type of people from different organizations. Most of them from top management. That's makes the job more challenging. Huh. It's not easy especially for me to mingle with them. Despite all that  I  still feel reluctant and unhappy to come to work HAHA. I better change for good !

Well, thats all for now. There are lots of things I wanted to put, but later.

Nota kaki : I really hope that my confident level will boost tomorrow. I really need it. And friends, please pray for me ya. thanks !

4 thought(s):

Dean Axie said...

gud luck for tomorrow Nad..u can do it..chaiyok2...=)

n a d e a said...

thank u ! harap2 semua berjalan lancar. hari ni tak sempat study. ade kje kena siapkan. uwaaa ;(

Fxysche Nas said...

good luck miss Nad ! ^_^
moge2 sgla2nye berjln lncar

n a d e a said...

fxysche nas

thanks ! wah nama susah nak sebut. hehe ;p

thanks again sbb follow blog ni. nanti i singgah blog u k.

c l i c k


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